Architektur Galerie Berlin


The Collins/Kaufmann Forum for Modern Architectural History Columbia University New York City April 23, 2015
Exhibiting contemporary architecture – Context, Transformation and Atmosphere (Vortrag)


Exhibiting contemporary architecture is in vogue. Especially in Europe a growing number of architects are exhibiting their works in private galleries. Even with regard to the fact that the informational exchange in our society gains in importance, this development is amazing, because exhibitions are a very complex issue and the information they communicate can be found online. When analizing the reasons for this development, one initially realizes, that the spectrum of the exhibitions on contemporary architecture is very wide. Despite all the differences, every curator is confronted with the same questions: Why to exhibit contemporary architecture and how does this seemingly old-fashioned format hold up to the context of the new media? Apart from these questions, the lecture will look at the role of architecture exhibitions for architects and how they use them to reflect on their own work in a public discourse. Examples from Architecture Gallery Berlin will serve to illustrate current trends.

Ulrich Müller: Exhibiting Contemporary Architecture, Columbia GSSD,

Ulrich Müller: Exhibiting Contemporary Architecture, Columbia GSSD